5 step diet plan

Today will be my one shot attempt to do something I have not attempted since college: smash words together and convince you I actually tried before heading out to a party, and remember to click post this draft.

Recently a friend coming to me, pain in their eyes as they said, “Aqueel, I need to get with you to work on a nutrition plan. I’m sick and tired of being fucking fat!”  My usual apathy and distracted nature couldn’t ignore his knee that was visibly swollen, angry and red. I still gave my generic prepared response, “Please get in touch with X who is much more qualified in the field of nutrition than I am.” Since then and several days of being mauled by my own guilt of inaction; here are the distilled method to creating a diet that will never make you feel like you’re on a diet ever again.

Still feeling the sting of their words and knowing what it’s like not having the body you once remembered today’s thoughts aren’t going to be validated by science journal, for the sake of time… and laziness, but will have greater efficacy than my usual training advice “Just train more.” and with that I defer to the favorite format of the internet: lists!

    What we gain from eating breakfast, greater than the dubious studies that suggest it’s a great way to kickstart your metabolism; is think of it as a timestamp and a habit that successful athletes, CEOs, and even jerks on the internet like me can do which frames the rest of your day. “Most important meal of the day” is correct because no matter what time you wake up regularly you have to break your fast eventually. So, if for the next 4 weeks (or any other pop psychology study length of time that determines how long it takes to establish a habit) shove food in your gullet after you wake up. More so before you get sidetracked with the rest of your day and rationalize stopping at Taco Bell on the way to work.
    8 8oz glasses of water a day is the accepted convention, and I find no fault with this. But, when we take a moment to think about this, and remember how often you see me (or other mindful fit people) walking around with a gallon jug of water or canteen. Here’s why: I won’t remember to drink water unless I am physically reminded. And, getting up for water is terrible for workflow any ways. The solution 64oz is the magic number to get to and my gallon jug is 128oz (dang talk about surplus Gus) or the canteen 32oz means I just have to fill up the canteen twice and I hit my water goal, for the day.
    Before getting meta with this entry the simple reason is once again behavioral. In America, we have terrible portions. Too large if you were unaware, and people generally will end up eating an extra 280 calories in chips/fries… starchy carbs and trans fats that are beyond necessary. Start your second and third meal of the day with a simple salad; not because its historically popular, but so you can feel better about the vegetables you’ve just consumed. In addition to curving your desire to obliterate that large burrito you’ve been day dreaming about since you woke up.
    Don’t ask questions just challenge your willpower to skip the cookies, extra brownies, or one more mixed drink during happy hour because you deserve it.
    I’ve attempted to save the easiest and most difficult step for last. But, no excuses as we live in an era of ubiquitous technology that can grant on demand information; it is only so tough to search what is a ‘Marcos calculator’ and ‘What are my Macros’ enter your height, weight, level of activity and have churned out a guideline of how many grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates your body requires to keep moving. Adjust numbers as recommended if individual goals are to lose or gain weight.



An orgin story of the Savage Scientist (a draft)

A little while ago (5 years nearly), I resolved to write about my adventures rebuilding my own identity from the age old conflict of most life long athletes, recovering from an life altering injury. This one being the one that broke the camel’s knee and causing a retreat to playing it safe and using highly refined skills of running, marginally, fast to get fat at desk working at a 9-5 gig. Receiving a daily stipend of platitudes over social media, for find motivating things to post while my own fire was dying inside.

I share this because  it summarizes what happens all to often when something motivates us to take the fork in the road that is well worn, avoiding the road less traveled, simultaneously ensuring safety and disappointing our 9th grade selves. I promise to keep retrospectives to a minimum in the future; as the past lays the ground work that will be shared. But, the hope is as a debriefing exercise more than wistful nostalgia.

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